Where are you now?


What kind of longevity (health) plan do you have in place? Does it account for a long and healthy life? Does it anticipate that you will be playing golf or tennis on your one-hundredth birthday? Will you be playing with as much vigor as a younger player? We are not just looking to live a long life – we are looking forward to living well.

We are about to embark on a long and pleasurable journey to good health, but before we start, it’s important to know where we are when we begin. We need to check the gas tank in order to know how far we can go. It’s as if you were going on vacation – don’t you want to make sure your car is ready to make the trip? If the “check engine” light is on, isn’t it important to immediately take your car into the shop for repair?

Unfortunately, when it comes to something as important as our own health, we don?t have a “check engine” light. We have to wait until engine failure before we are finally forced to deal with our own bodies. The most important journey of all?the one toward good health?is the one that we are the most unprepared to face. In order to begin your journey to longevity, you need to find a starting point; in order to determine your course, you need to get your engine checked. Every one of us has a different starting point. Unlike trained racecar drivers with perfectly tuned engines, we all have different conditions that may require specialized attention to get us started on our journey.

Everyone who got to where they are had to begin where they were.
Richard Paul Evans

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